Sun (Russia) Company Group

The sun (Russia) group is a highly diversified, super large multinational enterprise group. Its core business involves the capital management, industrial linkage, social public welfare and cultural industry in the world. The goal of the group is to “join hands with global partners to solve global poverty” and to achieve wealth prosperity for all participants through this process.

Sun Group has a perfect timber industry chain and abundant production, management, technology and marketing capabilities in China. We actively invest in wood related industries and cooperate with domestic related wood manufacturers in various forms, forming a diversified industrial chain, such as wood processing, furniture manufacturing, art carving, and wood production and planting. There are mainly timber industry, furniture factory, Shenyang board factory, Jiashan woodcarving City, Huanghua pear planting base and other related timber industries.

With the advantage and experience of the domestic wood industry chain, Sun Group uses the rich forest resources in the Far East of Russia, plans to invest 400 million yuan, and invest in the related timber industry chain in Russia. The investment projects are as follows:

First, the investment in the establishment of wood processing plants.

The project is planned to invest 30 million yuan, covering an area of 15000 square meters, with an annual output value of 50 million yuan, and an annual processing wood product of 20 thousand cubic meters, with a construction period of 12 months. We should add wood processing and production lines, and construct water, electricity and gas utility projects and fire protection, environmental protection and greening projects.

Second. To invest in forest planting and maintenance plants.

The project is planned to invest 20 million yuan, mainly for the purchase of saplings, fertilizers, staff dormitories, water and electrical and drainage facilities. For the relatively centralized areas, as well as the major species and major species of disease and insect pests, the construction of forest pest control infrastructure, including the construction of forecast points, the necessary control equipment and the control equipment, is built. Drugs, and do a good job in forest fire prevention.

Third, the investment in the establishment of plate deep processing plant.

The project plans to invest 20 million yuan, mainly to establish plywood workshop, fine wood workshop for deep processing of the board. The planned plank workshop has an annual output of 4000 cubic meters, and the annual output of plywood workshop is 20000 cubic meters.

The main equipment of the project is band saw, sander, hot press and table saw. At the same time, water supply, drainage, power supply, fire fighting and other public works should be built.

Fourth, the investment and establishment of wood pulp mill.

The first phase of the project will invest 80 million yuan, of which 5% of the total investment will be environmental protection, with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of wood pulp.

The project mainly includes process workshop, auxiliary workshop and utility project. The process workshop mainly includes material preparation, slurry, slurry plate workshop, auxiliary production workshop and public facilities workshop mainly include alkali recovery workshop, thermoelectric plant, chemical plant, water supply and drainage facilities, air pressure station, yard, warehouse, transportation, maintenance, dormitory and so on.

Fifth, the investment set up furniture factory.

The first phase of the project will invest 60 million yuan, and the construction period is expected to be 18 months. This project is mainly to build modern furniture production enterprises integrating production, office, accommodation and warehousing, mainly producing office furniture, home furniture and so on. The plan covers an area of 200 thousand square meters. The main construction contents include new factory buildings, office buildings, dormitories, supporting infrastructure, and purchase and installation of production equipment. The greening of the first phase plant, office building, warehouse and site occupies about 60 thousand square meters.

Sixth, the investment to establish wood carving factory.

The project is planned to invest 10 million yuan. It is used to build plant workshop, purchase equipment and supporting infrastructure and utilities. Besides carving by engravers, there are also numerical control, embryo opening machines, table saws, plane planing, press planing and other equipment. The company uses the mature craft and excellent carving technologist of Jiashan woodcarving City, the rich wood carving raw materials of the Russian Far East, the introduction of advanced carving equipment and the excellent sculptors in China.

Seventh, the investment was made to establish the Far East timber exchange.

We plan to invest 20 million yuan and establish a 20000 square meter far east timber exchange. The exchange can accommodate more than 2000 international standard booth, with 98 ultra large LED electronic display screens, and can synchronize the real-time and synchronous display of timber market and product supply and demand information around the world.

The Far East timber exchange combines the diversified trading mechanism of spot, medium and remote, modern warehousing and logistics, third party quality institutions, third party payment platform, financial financing and so on. It aims to solve the problem of poor information, high transaction risk, high transaction cost and shortage of capital in the traditional timber industry. Problems such as difficult financing and so on.

The diversified investment in the timber industry chain of the sun group in the Far East of Russia is based on the thought of long-term investment and the local people’s livelihood, with the sincere and friendly cooperation with the local government. The two sides jointly negotiate and establish a management organization for unified management. It can not only help the government to solve the problem of labor and employment, but also increase the local government’s finance and tax, and promote the protection and development of the local economy, culture and ecological environment. It is a project conducive to the society and the livelihood of the people, and the win-win cooperation between the two parties.


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