Noble manor

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, the economic and cultural center of the metropolitan area of Atlanta. It ranks ninth in the metropolitan area. Founded in 1873, Atlanta reborn from the ashes of the United States after the civil war and developed into a national business center. In the decades since the civil rights movement, Atlanta has developed rapidly and enjoys international reputation.

Atlanta economy

Atlanta is known as the city of Alfa “or” the city of the world “, with a gross national product of up to 270 billion US dollars, the eighth in the United States and forty-fifth in the world city ranking. Atlanta’s economy is diversified, leading industries include logistics, professional services, business services, media operations and information technology. The headquarters of the 18 companies in the world top 500 and the headquarters of 29 enterprises in the world top 1000 are in Atlanta. Among them, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS logistics company, home depot large warehouse family decoration and warehouse retailers are well known. The International Olympic Summer Games held here in 1996, further promoted the all-round development of Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

Climatic characteristics of Atlanta

Atlanta is a typical subtropical humid climate with distinct seasons. The change of temperature is relatively mild, and the annual precipitation distribution is uniform, representing the climate in the southeastern part of the United States. Mild militides in winter tend to be warm and suitable for habitation.


Atlanta noble estate Atlanta Henry County luxury villa community

Covering an area of more than 65 acres, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient. It’s only 20 minutes’ drive from hazeld Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

It is warm and warm in spring, sunny in summer, colorful in autumn and clear and cool in winter.

The overall design of the aristocratic community combines the natural scenery with the view of the humanistic ticket, following the principle of fengshui of three yuan and nine transport in traditional Chinese culture and Feng Shui, carrying out the overall planning and design with the continuous flourishing idea and development direction, making use of the existing environment and landscape coordination, and making the people reach the unity of heaven and man with the help of water. Boundary.

The plots are all north-south, so as to ensure that three yuan and nine yuan are transported to the yuan, and the source of energy is constantly gaining positive energy and thriving.

The aristocratic manor is a manor created by the top architectural designers, garden planners, interior designer and feng shui masters of China and the United States to create a perfect combination of eastern and Western cultures. It not only follows the traditional historic manor style of the west, but also combines the Oriental and elegant landscape and modern flavor.

There are 23 villas designed for families in the aristocratic manor. The indoor area of each villa is 5000-6300 feet (465-585 square meters), and there are 5 bedrooms and independent toilets.

The house is made of superior stone. Its architectural appearance is rich and unique. Its texture is thick and gives out aristocratic breath.


The pale color is the theme color, highlighting the elegant temperament. The large sitting room is magnificent and beautiful. The four walls and the top of the living room are engraved with exquisite relief, and the identity and status of the master’s noble are reflected in the details. The whole interior decoration is full of exquisite life, cherry wood antique furniture, pure wool carpets, and eighteenth Century retro curtains, which deduces the elegant and elegant western style. The spacious main bedroom has an open-air balcony to facilitate the owner to enjoy and enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons. The bedroom is decorated with gorgeous classical European furniture, which continues the noble tone of noble atmosphere. The comfortable and luxurious sleeping bed, soft and fluffy feather quilt, white duck down pillow core, and special design of the designer special to the light, create a relaxed sleep environment for the owner, let the people enjoy the dream and get more deep sleep time. The interior features include family activity rooms, family theaters, study rooms, etc. The entire villa uses the most advanced intelligent family system in the United States to control sound, light, air conditioning, automatic curtains and security systems with iPad or other touch screen handheld devices. The study in the two floor also has the atmosphere of aristocracy. It can not only read and taste tea, but also free oneself in the quiet time of night, so that the whole person can relax the body and mind in the quiet environment and enjoy the freedom of the mind. The family lounge or sunlight room located on the floor is probably the hostess’s favorite corner, and the designers strive to create intimate atmosphere here. Here in the morning, you can enjoy a cup of coffee L, a pot of good tea, feel the fresh air, appreciate the crisp bird song and the twilight twilight.

The free gravel path runs through the dense vegetation and the colorful vegetation, leading you slowly to the private space of the villa backyard. In the back garden of the villa, you can enjoy the shrubs and bushes, and you can spend time with your family and friends.


The Noble Club, the noble manor, is a luxurious club with many functions such as leisure, social interaction and business.

The Noble Club is located in the center of the noble community in Atlanta. It is a multifunctional place with management, business, social interaction, entertainment and leisure as a whole. The architecture maintains the style of traditional French architecture, with elegant and elegant pattern, and the interior decoration reproduces the elegance of the southern French manor in the middle of the twentieth Century. In addition to being the management headquarters of the aristocratic manor, it will also be used for business meetings, and the club has a professional high-level conference room to meet the daily business meeting requirements of the community residents. Library and treasure museum will also be set up to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life. When you work and study, you can visit your relatives and friends, read the books from astronomy to geography, and talk about life experiences and ways of life. It will bring together the political and social resources of the local and surrounding county governments, and the elites living here will also introduce the beneficial resources of their working life circle, making the club step up and creating an excellent growth platform for the next generation. The next generation of children will enjoy the richness and invaluable resources, and take the perfect educational system of the United States as the cornerstone and ride the freedom to fly to a wider world. The people living in the aristocratic manor can take a walk along the shady trail along the lake, jogging or cycling, enjoying the beauty of the garden and enjoying a leisurely life. The community will also build a tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, modern fitness club, convenient for the residents to exercise and carry out sports activities, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening physical fitness, and to add life to their life.

The essential item of residence in the traditional French aristocracy is wine tasting. There is an organic vineyard on the south side of the aristocratic club, which is planted with a rare grape variety that is grown worldwide only in a few vineyards, with a very low nightmare and a handful of wines made. Martens are rich in phenols and other nutrients, not only for eating alone, but also for making red wine, fruit juice and jam. Year-round consumption can improve skin skin, anti-oxidation, and prevent cancer. Every year, during the season of grape ripening, the noble manor is filled with fresh and sweet fruit. The whole family – out of action, the bamboo basket in hand, and picking grapes on the side will be a wonderful memory for adults and children.

Sunshine elderly apartment adjacent to the noble manor integrated Zero worry luxury elderly apartment project

Not only in the aristocratic manor, we designed the luxurious single family villa for the successful and free family, but also in the neighborhood of the manor.

The total building area of the sunshine elderly apartment is as high as I50.000 square feet (13.935 square meters), with 178 independent rooms inside.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and quiet atmosphere, they will also enjoy the care services of professional staff, private living space, special people cleaning, 24 hours working people waiting for. Make an appointment to travel to the local service department, go shopping or go out at random. In order to enrich the leisure life of the old people living here, the sunshine elderly apartment will also arrange full entertainment, social and cultural activities to allow the elderly to enjoy the pleasure of living here and to make friends with the same ideals. The old people can make their own spare time to do what they want to do without worrying about the time and effort to prepare three meals a day, and the sunny old apartment has a special chef for the fresh and tasty, nutritious and beautiful daily meals. The apartment management office will also regularly send professionals to inspect apartments, community and ground maintenance facilities, including snow deicing, to ensure the normal residence and safe travel of the elderly. There will be an emergency alarm system everywhere in the sunshine elderly apartment, and at the critical juncture that the old people are in urgent need of professional earth help, it is possible to notify the duty workers for the first time in order to save valuable time. The apartment will also provide the elderly with life maintenance and life repair health care projects, the use of advanced cell technology maintenance and repair of the body, the pathogen in the early days, in order to achieve the purpose of longevity.


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