Russian diamond Island

In the world, Russia is one of the few countries with a complete chain of diamond industries in the world, in which the Russian Far East is about 81% of the diamond reserves in the Asia Pacific region. The Russian island is located in Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia. Its strategic position is very important. It is close to the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It borders China, Japan, the United States and the North Korea. On the other hand, with the rapid development of high and new technology such as large data, artificial intelligence, block chain and Internet of things, the Russian island has also ushered in a new digital age. The change has already permeated every corner of the bridgehead in the new era of the Asia Pacific region.

At present, in order to conform to the development trend of the global digital transformation, the sun group is actively planning, liaison and dialogues with the Russian Far East to form a multi-functional industrial cluster brotherhood of the international cooperation center, giving full play to the profound advantages of the global cooperation platform, integrating the internal and external resources, and combining the digitalization and mutual borrowing. It reconstructs the commercial value chain of the city of the Far East, which is healthy, scientific and innovative. Through the transfer of Russian Island Management and digital economic innovation, it has made it an automatic high-tech intelligent island called “Russian diamond island”.


Russian diamond island is a comfortable and livable multifunctional intelligent island. In spring, summer and autumn, people can enjoy the island’s style. From the high altitude, the flat surface of the diamond island covers a large international golf course. The scenery is beautiful and pleasant to each other, such as picturesque poetry. When the winter comes, the large smart skiing center in the center of diamond island is packed with people. People who come to play can enjoy a skiing experience with a lot of electricity. In addition, the island regularly hosts two large car roundabout events every year, which adds much vitality and charm to the island. At present, diamond island is building a new ecological circle of Intelligent City in accordance with the highest international level, construction of hotel infrastructure construction allocation center, medical research and treatment center, multi-function rehabilitation and convalescence area, international business center, advanced residential area and tourist resort area, and focus on the establishment of digital life professional medical institutions. Precise medical projects such as stem cell transplantation storage, organ cultivation, health care, beauty and anti aging make local residents younger and longer life expectancy.

Russia diamond island is also the largest digital Financial Exchange Center in the Asia Pacific region. The world’s largest electronic money mining area, the world electronic currency exchange, the world’s largest block chain research institute, the diamond trading center, and the World Conference Center will be located here. In particular, the diamond experience center across the island through a full range of digital currency trading system, the realization of the diamond trading platform 24 hours all-weather open, to bring people a full range of visual feast at the same time also endowed with a full sense of glory and sense of reality. This not only greatly releases the profound potential of the Russian diamond international brand, but also contributes to the construction of a new supply chain of industrial clusters, and opens up a new balance and growth point in the digital transition period of the global diamond trade pattern.

In addition, the Russian diamond island is also the fashion island of all kinds of famous brand luxury goods in the world. The founding of the early sun group has the ideal of the transmission of diamond and jewelry fashion culture. Based on the core competence of brand management, the group has launched a new strategy of “digital + and culture”, which is integrated with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European and American. The high-end club resources enable people to enjoy the service experience of Top Class Hotel with different styles of the world, achieve multi-dimensional growth, and innovate the benefits of industrial clusters.

In general, the evolution of human society from the “physical age” to “the age of physical force” and “the age of intelligence” is the trend of the continuous escalation of civilization. The Russian diamond island will be committed to creating the world’s largest digital integration and sharing ecosystem, focusing on the construction of intelligent infrastructure, combined with global partners, promoting the benign development of the intelligent city ecological circle, and making great efforts to become a new type of intelligent small island in the new century.


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