Sun Group

Sun Group is registered and established in the United States where the world economy and finance are most developed. At the same time, capital management companies incorporated in the Eurasian countries manage large-scale multinational corporations involving financial, cultural, scientific and technological and medical industries. The total amount exceeds sixty billion US dollars.

Sun Group, a well-known American company, has a high reputation in all sectors of government and business in the United States. Nowadays, mankind has entered a new thinking mode of ‘sharing economics’, ‘multiplication principle’, ‘big data environment’ and ‘mobile Internet+’. This new economic posture that changes the traditional mode of thinking is one of the directions in which the Sun Group leads human efforts. It is also a basic guarantee for ensuring the realization of the UN’s sustainable development goals: the establishment of a global partnership to eliminate human poverty.

For the “Sun Group”, a large multinational conglomerate with a multi-tiered capital structure and multiple business areas, it has acquired the most vitality in the treasure-house of “Chinese culture” that has never interrupted the history of five thousand years of civilization. The “Civilized Genes” – “The Theory of Taihe”, “The Idea of ​​’Yoshie Business'”, “The Culture of Valuables” – “The Value System, Ethical Code, and Code of Conduct” of the “Sun Group” are enterprises. Adapting to the ever-changing human, social, industrial, and market environment, and maintaining “strategic infrastructure”, which is indispensable for achieving strategic goals and achieving ambitious goals, is a cultural impetus and action guide for the “Sun Group” to become a world-class leader.

“Sun Group” uses “Tai He Theory”, “Yi Business Thought”, “Harmony for Your Culture” as the foundation of corporate culture, and incorporates the national development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing” with core values ​​as its soul. Market-oriented, capital-linked, industry-based, product-oriented, service-oriented, and excellent management of production factors and benefit-sharing mechanisms to ensure the formation of a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-level capital form. Highly integrated first-class enterprise group with high quality products and services coordinated development. The new economic model of physical integration in the financial industry manages more than two billion U.S. dollars in assets in the traditional business sector and generates annual revenues of nearly six billion U.S. dollars. Cultural institutions, films, and other forms of cultural industries are spreading their human civilization to the world in a format that is equal to input and output. The science and technology industry is led by artificial intelligence, new energy, and biological sciences, and it has created more than 10 billion US dollars in annual revenue. In the medical industry, vital cell technology is subverting human inventions. It cures and benefits more than 100 million people annually, and the total economic revenue reaches 5 billion US dollars. Seventy percent of the Group’s annual financial profits are devoted to charitable and charitable causes.

We are proud that the successful human peace concert held at the United Nations Headquarters Building in the United States is telling the world that the Chinese people long for peace.

Every sun person is shouldered: the life of self-improvement! Revolutionize the new revolution! The mission of sublime and perfection! We “light up the world, warm the world, and light the world!”

A group
Sun Group

The Sun Group platform (hereinafter referred to as “the platform”) is a large-scale global cooperation platform jointly established with the World Chinese Friendship Federation and directly under the UN “Economic and Social Council Sustainable Development Cooperation Organization.”

With the support of six world-renowned consortiums such as the Caribbean Joint Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, the platform joins up with multi-national government agencies and is involved in the development of diversified industries. It is committed to achieving the UN’s 15-year sustainable development goals (completed in 2030). Joint global partners to solve world poverty.
Global operating model

The platform is operated and managed globally with the most advanced business model in the international economy and society. It has taken the lead in the digital life industry, digital culture industry, and digital capital industry in the five continents and benefits the human society. It is supported by global partners (natural persons and companies). , Global partners, global shareholders and special envoys participate in the operation and management of the six major sectors of the platform’s three major industries, namely: medical care, tourism, agriculture, finance, technology, and culture.

Currently, multilateral businesses have been fully implemented in more than 20 countries, and through the value-for-money exchange unit of the world’s most advanced “Shudun”, the banking system around the world has been linked.
Value exchange unit

As a value exchange unit, the “HeDong” of the platform integrates exchange, transaction, settlement, and billing functions, making it easy to exchange funds and resources between countries, companies, and individuals. The platform invests in, builds, and manages unmanned digital banks, guarantees the smoothest project resources, capital, and funding for all companies and individuals, achieves double wealth, and ultimately achieves the UN’s 15-year sustainable development goals, making progress for human society. Excellent contribution!
Platform Four

Product symbolization

Cultural ritualization

Unified actions

Competitive honour
Platform planning
Platform features:

Personal to business, business to personal, business to business platform.
Platform policy:

Framework support platform, contract attraction platform, mechanism promotion platform, and culture casting platform.
Talent Strategy:

Attractive resources, institutional constraints, incentives for tourism, happy people.

Two institutions
Global Partnerships

Global partner organizations are operated and managed by global partners (natural persons and companies), global partners, global shareholders, and cooperative special envoys. They bring together a large number of financial institutions and related service industries to centralize international capital operations, bond issuance, and foreign exchange transactions. Insurance and other financial services.
Global Business Cooperation Agency

Global enterprise cooperation institutions are participated and supported by world-famous societies, chambers of commerce, and associations, adhering to the channel concept of “win-win cooperation and harvesting”, and aiming at achieving win-win results with partners, and actively implementing cooperative, open, and win-win channel strategies.
Global cooperation development
7 consortiums

Rockefeller Consortium, Boeing Consortium, Rogers Consortium, Buffett Consortium, Blackstone Consortium, Morgan Consortium, Caribbean Joint Consortium.
10 countries

American innovation, the spirit of Israel, the Dutch model, Chinese production, Japanese technology, fine Austria, life in Portugal, Swiss service, Cambodian finance, Greek culture, and global markets.

Four banks
Cell bank

What is the most precious in the 21st century? health. Cells are a precious life resource. Whether they are stem cells or immune cells, with the development of modern science and technology, more and more clinical applications of cells have been recognized, and the business of “cell banks” has become more and more prosperous. It can use cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage methods to preserve human cells without affecting the functions and activities of cells, and to treat diseases and improve tissue function through the use of cellular medicine in future clinical treatments.

At present, cell therapy is the development direction of clinical medicine, and the prerequisite for treatment is to have high-quality cells. In a nutshell, cell banking is a specialized institution that provides such a life-safety protection for life.
Digital bank

Shield Digital Bank is a shield-based business platform based on the six service concepts of “respect, honesty, freedom, openness, diversity, and unboundedness.” It is also the world’s first intelligent digital bank linked to global land resources. It has begun to be properly configured. And effectively manage the capital and assets of global partners and global cooperative companies, and through the most effective financial service system and the most active financial trading platform that are commonly used in the world, bring new application ideas to assets and capital, and provide global capital circulation Market and commodity trading markets are seamlessly integrated. In essence, HeDian Digital Bank is a financial services institution that relies on digital technology and new smart contracts.

Digital Bank of Shield is an all-weather financial service platform that can completely realize the seamless delivery of various currencies and complete the liquidation of different currencies between “input” and “recovery” in real time. The real-time synchronization chart with international crude oil and foreign exchange marks the fairness, transparency, security, and digital banking of the shield, while bringing every customer a service based on mobile internet and blockchain technology, and then realizing the added value of consumption. Share innovative financial services and protect the security of each transaction and the complete and intelligent service quality of storage security.
Green Bank
Development status

Green Bank is a new economic form developed mainly for the purpose of market-oriented, traditional industrial economy, and economic and environmental harmony. It is produced and manifested by industrial economy to meet the needs of human environmental protection and health. A state of development.
Sustainable growth

The green bank aims at the harmony between economy and the environment, and converts many environmental-friendly technologies such as environmental protection technologies and cleaner production processes into productivity, and achieves sustainable economic growth through economic activities that are beneficial to the environment or have no confrontation with the environment.
Balanced economy

The green bank’s economy, which is characterized by safeguarding the living environment of human beings, reasonably protecting resources and energy, and benefiting human health, is a balanced economy.

Green banking is an organic combination of marketization and ecologicalization. It is also an economy that fully reflects the value of natural resources and ecological value. It is a benign development model that organically combines economic reproduction and natural reproduction, and is an inevitable product of sustainable development of human society. The scope of the green economy is very broad, including ecological agriculture, eco-industry, eco-tourism, environmental protection industry, and green service industry.
Energy Bank

The energy industry is a special field with a long industrial chain, strong professionalism, a wide range of interests, and a high level of complexity. In particular, the issue of global energy availability involves not only multiple value objectives such as energy supply, energy efficiency, energy technologies, economic efficiency, and environmental protection, but also many stakeholders such as governments, international organizations, energy companies, financial institutions, and general citizens. In particular, there is a need for professional and normative in-depth management and a sound financial ecosystem.

Sun Group builds a multi-party cooperation platform of “Government + International Organization + Energy Enterprise + Financial Institution”, namely Energy Bank, to effectively build a new energy industry ecosystem and energy eco-finance model, break through key bottlenecks, realize complementary advantages, and promote resource integration. Promote the rapid development of energy accessibility. The establishment of a global specialized energy bank not only helps deepen insight into the development trend and service segmentation of the energy industry, but also helps to establish a new type of financial ecology and continuously promote energy accessibility.


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