Guangzhou Life Angel Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Life Angel Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a large health industry that leads a personalized medical service platform and uses advanced technology to develop efficiently. Providing a comprehensive range of gene sequence analysis for medical institutions and people, information interpretation services and high-end foreign medical health, human body immune cell collection and storage, cell biological therapy, cell biopharmaceutical research and development, production, treatment integration of professional medical technology the company. It has gathered enough powerful industrial technology and capital strength to commit itself to providing cutting-edge biomedical technology services and paving the way for health with life sciences.

The company is located on the 29th floor of Poly Center, Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Relying on the “Cell Banking” of the “Global Health Products Trading Center” invested by the Global Pan-China Alliance in the Fujian Free Trade Zone, and utilizing its new online cloud technology platform for offline experience + online e-commerce + mobile terminals, it has joined forces with more than three national The hospital conducts a wide range of clinical applications. Using the world’s top biotechnology—“Cell Source Technology”, through the transplantation and repair of human cells, the self-implanted cells are proliferated without affecting the autoimmune system at all, and the invasion of foreign microbes and viruses has become extremely resistant. force. Treatment of indications such as common human diseases, the overall treatment effect is significant, and greatly improved the patient’s health and quality of life. At the same time, the human anti-aging project has achieved a qualitative leap!

Youth health is the biggest luxury product. Angels of life take you to reverse aging and become youthful!

Our goal is: To honor the angel mission and benefit human health



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