Help me service platform

“Help Me” is a professional platform of Sun Group that focuses on overseas Chinese overseas consulting services. It has always been committed to providing overseas Chinese with professional, practical and comprehensive advice and various overseas services. Since its inception in 2013, it has gradually strengthened its platform service capabilities, and has recruited elite members of judges, foreign fund investment directors, lawyers, financial consultants, investment assessors, etc. to form consulting services “back-up groups”. To the legal, investment, immigration, education, medical and other issues. The service mode of “Ask and Answer” was confirmed. One question was answered anonymously by several online experts. Finally, the member decided to adopt a satisfactory answer and make an appointment with the expert for more in-depth consultation and service.

All the data of the “Help Me” platform is real and effective. In practice, it has accumulated a large number of high-end industry resources of relevant industries and can provide more real and reliable basis for the business needs of customers. At the same time, it also provides high-end services such as business investment, wealth appreciation, global law, health care, family heritage, love and family, rights and honors, and overseas study for the majority of Chinese. Especially in the health care industry, there are thousands of health practitioners worldwide. Serve for you without gaps, and through the use of the latest research of the “digital life” concept, with the help of physical data analysis to better prevent the occurrence of some diseases, and is conducive to the extension of life.

“Help me” uses the global innovation settlement tool in the principle of sharing, that is, wisdom and knowledge, namely, value. Yamak is the settlement unit of the product. It is backed by the value of the US dollar and tens of millions of tangible and intangible assets worldwide. endorsement. The unit that is approved by overseas industry experts. Relying on Yamak, it can make the world’s wisdom appreciate in every problem circulation. The more questions answered, the faster the appreciation.

At the same time, “Help Me” also recruited thousands of consulting services consultants from 116 countries and regions, centered on Europe and the Americas, radiating all countries in the world, and constantly expanding service coverage. And “help me” will do everything we can to understand all your needs and concerns, with professional knowledge and experience for your overseas trip escort!



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