Sun TV

The predecessor of Sun Satellite TV is Global Cloud Vision, Global Cloud Vision (abbreviation: “Cloud Vision”, English: Global Cloud Media, abbreviation: GCM.) Headquartered in the “Capital of the World” New York City, is the world’s first to “cloud “Propaganda” is a high-definition digital television station that produces ideas. “Cloud communication” means to unify traditional media and new media into a complete platform, and to achieve “cross-media” communication in the mode of communication; to integrate traditional media, new media, and micro-media into a complete vision and content system. Broadcasting realizes the “transmission” across the “world.” Yunshi has more than 10,000 square feet of high-definition television studios, broadcast-grade HD professional cameras, news professional cameras, and high-definition mining, editing, broadcast, recording, system, and control professional equipment. And the most advanced HD Ultra HD TV OB van.

“Cloud Vision” is mainly based on the production of dozens of original TV and video programs, supplemented by the collection of global folk videos, and has also compiled “cloud” hot videos. Infinitely spread on TV, Internet, mobile phone and paper media. “Cloud Vision” is ever-present, everywhere, everywhere. “Cloud Vision” is a distinctive, influential and influential full media, covering television, radio, websites, mobile media and magazines. At present, the “Cloud Vision”‘s media include: Global Cloud TV, Universal Cloud TV, Global Microvision and so on. Global Cloud Vision has established global broadcast television production and broadcasting partners with television stations, radio stations and network ace media in dozens of provinces and cities across the world, and has a global audience of about 500 million.


Since the advent of the Internet, the traditional broadcasting and media industry has received a great impact. The frequency of the use of television, radio, and radio-based communication tools has dropped drastically and is being gradually replaced by devices such as mobile phones and computers that use the Internet. In contrast, traditional media tools can’t provide convenient services like mobile phones anytime, anywhere, and they can’t get relevant information in a timely manner. The network cloud vision technology provides a solid bridge for traditional media and new media, enabling the opening of televisions to obtain relevant information and achieve connection with the world. On the other hand, traditional media tools have long development time, relatively stable technology, and relatively high quality of products produced. As a major player in the production of original TV and video programs, Global Cloud can continuously produce excellent works with novel themes and rich themes. For the future development of Global Cloud as the development of a steady stream of competitive advantage.

In the future, Global Cloud Vision will continue to break through the “cloud propagation” technology, fully realize the connection between the media and the new media on the network, and make everything become a network tool, so that all objects can become carriers of the Internet connection, for the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence. The times create a solid foundation, which will turn the Global Lookout into a state-of-the-art international artificial intelligence company.



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