HARMONY SHIELD Digital Bank Profile

Self-service banks, also known as “unmanned banks” and “e-banking”, are part of the electronic and automated banking business processes and are a modern form of banking service that has emerged abroad. It uses modern communications and computer technology to provide customers with 24-hour, all-day financial services that are highly intelligent and not subject to banking hours. All business processes are completely performed by customers without the assistance of bank personnel.

HeDun Digital Bank, a subsidiary of HeDong International Finance (Group) Corporation, is an all-weather (24-hour X 1 week X365-day) financial service platform that fully realizes the seamless delivery of various currencies and completes ‘input’ and ‘recovery’ in real time. ‘The liquidation of different currencies. The real-time synchronization chart with international crude oil and foreign exchange marks the fairness, transparency, security and digital banking of the Shield has brought every customer a service based on mobile Internet and blockchain technology, and then realized the added value of consumption. Comintern and shared innovative financial services. At the same time, it guarantees a complete and intelligent service system for transaction security and storage security for each and the shield.

With the help of Cambodia’s free market economy and open international financial services, Shield Digital Bank has developed the following financial services:

1. International currency exchange;

2, gold spot and futures trading;

3, International and Shield smart payment and recharge;

4, smart contracts, digital identities;

5, financial leasing and lending, absorption of deposits and other services;

6. Develop financial services such as international capital lending, bond issuance, foreign exchange transactions and insurance;

7. Vigorously develop digital banking and new derivative service functions;

8. To provide customers with the most convenient international financing services, the most effective international payment settlement system and the most active international financial trading center;

9. Develop advanced financial management systems, trading tools and financial products. Concentrate all resources to provide personalized, standardized financial products and services for global customers, and provide comprehensive solutions for customers and links involved in the entire industry chain;

10. Hedong International Trading Platform can conduct real-time foreign exchange, index, stocks and bulk products (crude oil, gold) and other asset transactions;

11. Issue co-brand cards in more than 30 countries around the world;

12. Develop a global payment system that can cross borders with more than 100 countries across the world to achieve global online and offline converged payments, transfers, cross-border remittances, and the realization of more than 20 currencies such as US Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Vietnamese Dong, etc. Automatic redemption in the cloud;

13, on behalf of the issue of global corporate finance co-branded cards, with financial recharge and global real-time transfer functions.

Through the extensive use of shields and shields as a bookkeeping unit and credit guarantee, the company’s own assets, services and products are quantified as shields, which reduces the number of mediations, reduces transaction risks, increases the transparency of funds, and improves the speed of settlement. Information sources, monitoring financial activities. In order to achieve a cross-border industry alliance, create a new international financial system.



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