Shield International Finance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hedong Finance”) is a large multinational financial institution mainly engaged in international financial services. Shield Finance was incorporated in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia; hereinafter referred to as Cambodia), which was once known as “Oriental Little Paris.” Cambodia pursues an independent, peaceful, and permanent neutral foreign policy. This is the only independent country that circulates in the United States except the United States. Cambodia joined ASEAN on April 30, 1999, becoming one of the 10th member states of ASEAN. In October 2016, China signed the “Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Preparation of the “One Belt and One Road” Cooperation and Cooperation Plan” and officially became a member of China’s “Belt and Road.” Cambodia has a relaxed, open and free social and economic environment, implements a market economy that is open to the outside world, promotes economic privatization and trade liberalization, and regards developing economy as the primary task of the Cambodian government. One of the biggest bright spots for the promotion of national economic development is that the government’s national financial service system without any restrictions on foreign exchange controls has led to year-on-year declines in inflation and year-on-year GDP growth (from 4.9% to 12.7% for each industry). Unequal), the unemployment rate is only 1.7% (decline year by year). The country’s foreign trade is increasing at a rate of more than 10% per year, while foreign investment, industrial and agricultural investment, and infrastructure construction are increasing year by year at speeds ranging from 100% to 1000% in different areas…

As one of the global cooperation companies with global cooperation platforms throughout the world, Hedun Financial is located in Cambodia, where the economic and financial system is the most relaxed and the economic development is high. The company has its own international platform and specialized team to enter the country’s business operations projects. Focus on the three major sectors of the financial industry: Hedun Digital Bank; Gold Reserve Center; and Shields Trading Center.

At the same time, Shield Finance and Cambodian National Bank jointly participated in the issuance and gold reserves of the Cambodian currency (Rare), and the National Bank of Cambodia supervised Shield and Shield Financial and Shield Digital Bank. This will fully protect Shield Digital Bank and Shield. Under the premise of international financial business standards, the various types of financial services provided meet the requirements of the international financial service system. Including: Digital Capital, Digital Assets, Digital Banking, Digital Equity, Digital Equity, Digital Banking, Digital Bonds, Digital Funds, and other comprehensive digital financial product services.

And Shield Finance is bound to become another important financial hub for connecting the world economy between Cambodia and ASEAN countries. Shield Finance will provide comprehensive services in the trading, lending, issuance, redemption, payment, and settlement of digital economic products, and bring unprecedented advantages to the perfect combination of the real economy and virtual economy (including tangible assets and intangible assets). Promote the role.

Hegui Finance has established a financial cooperation system in countries such as the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Russia, China, Australia, and banks with a reputation as the financial capital and the country known as the nation of Qianbao. Specialized person is responsible for the precise docking of each node of our work, to ensure the stable operation of the financial globalization of Shield.

Heidong Finance, with its global cooperation as a global cooperation platform, has exclusive access to the world’s authoritative financial resources provided by the platform, and will hold a “Global Economic Summit Forum” every year in the international community. The signatories of this forum are modern Wall Street figures, known as the most visionary international investor and Mr. Rogers, one of the most successful practitioners in the US securities industry. (1970 and Soros create a quantum fund together. Quantum funds are consecutive ten. The annual average rate of return exceeds 50%.)

[Heidun Financial’s Three Financial Services Section] and Shield Digital Bank + Gold Reserve Center + Shields Trading Center

As a book-keeping tool, the shield has already brought new definition of an unprecedented survival mode for social development and human survival in the world: based on the six service concepts of “respect, honesty, freedom, openness, diversity, and unboundedness”. And the shield business platform has begun to rationally allocate and effectively manage the capital and assets of global partners and global cooperative companies, and brings new applications for assets and capital through the internationally most effective financial service system and the most active financial trading platform. At the same time, it will seamlessly integrate global capital circulation markets and commodity trading markets.

[Heidong Finance’s three major financial services sector: Sumida Digital Bank]

Digital Bank of Shield is an all-weather (24-hour x 365-day) financial service platform that fully realizes seamless delivery between currencies and completes liquidation of different currencies between ‘input’ and ‘recovery’ in real time. The real-time synchronization chart with international crude oil and foreign exchange marks the fair, transparent, safe digital bank of shields and shields to bring every customer a service based on mobile internet and blockchain technology, and then realizes the added value of consumption. Comintern and shared innovative financial services. At the same time, it guarantees a complete and intelligent service system for transaction security and storage security of each and the shield.

[Heiden Financial’s three financial services sector’s gold reserve center]

In addition to having a unique economic and financial environment with no foreign exchange control restrictions, Cambodia has the additional advantage that the gold price of the global monetary system is lower than international prices. With this major advantage, Hedong Finance has obtained the qualification to participate in the National Bank of Cambodia’s currency (Rare). In an environment where the price of money is relatively low, as an independent sovereign country, Cambodia maintains economic and financial exchanges with the world. And Shield Finance will also rely on this unique advantage to maximize the benefits of capital and assets.

[Heidong Finance’s three financial services divisions, Hedong Shield Trading Center]

The advanced billing tools and shields that Shield Finance has optimized and innovated in the global economic system have become the basic tools for the interaction and settlement of capital and resources in the global cooperation platform. It plays an indispensable role in buying and selling currency currencies. And the shield is connected to various currencies, and the real-time settlement system guarantees the capital security of each settlement under the premise of security and stability. The form of “vouchers” issued for the first time by the issuance and shield has fully safeguarded the capital appreciation of shield buyers.



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