Group Industry

Entering the world-class enterprise industry and making progress towards super-class enterprises

The Global PlatForm

The global partnership platform is jointly developed by the consortium holdings, the United Nations multinational tourism cooperation organization and the Chinese Friendship Association. Involved in the project development are Rockefeller consortium, Morgan consortium, Boston consortium, Blackstone consortium and so on. The president, Prime Minister and government cabinet of the countries of Dominic, Guyana and Suriname co authored the development strategies of the Caribbean countries together with members of the Harvard University, the University of Denver and the joint financial consortium holding board of the Caribbean Sea. It is guaranteed by legislation to ensure the development of consortia, institutions, enterprises and individuals. There are legal guarantees for property protection, personal safety and freedom protection, intellectual property protection and personal privacy protection. The global partnership platform has also established digital banks with major consortia, and as the cornerstone of the digital bank, it is the first to circulate in 25 countries and 14 regions in the Caribbean. The platform provides a global entity + financial ecosystem by providing all the global resources and services, sharing the world wealth with global resources, linking the global resources with the shield clearing tools, and using the capital operation of the entity project to achieve the geometric growth of wealth.

Group Project

Diversified, multi-industry

Sun (Russia) Company Group

Vladivostok, Russia
It is a highly diversified, super large multinational enterprise group. Its core business involves the capital management, industrial linkage, social public welfare and cultural industry in the world.

The Shield Digital Bank

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
It is a large multinational financial institution focusing on international financial services. And Shield Finance was incorporated in the Kingdom of Cambodia, once known as the “Oriental Little Paris.”

Russian diamond Island

Vladivostok Russian
Russia is one of the few countries with a complete chain of diamond industries in the world, in which the Russian Far East is about 81% of the diamond reserves in the Asia Pacific region. Russia is located in Vladivostok, the Far East of Russia. Its strategic position is extremely important.

Sun TV

Too American New York
It is the first high-definition digital television station in the world that is currently spreading across traditional media, new media, and micromedia.

Global 3D Media Holdings

Santa Clara Valley, California, USA
A company related to almost all mobile and naked eye 3D technologies, global 3D media, leading the global naked eye 3D technology development of the United States Holding Group Co., Ltd., has a research and development team in the United States and other places in Silicon Valley, and holds a number of world patents and copyrights

Joint National Postal Union

Manhattan District, New York, USA
The United Nations Postal Union has joined hands with the United Nations State Post Office (New York, Geneva and Vienna).

Help me service platform

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
“Helping me service platform” is a professional platform of the Sun Group that focuses on overseas Chinese overseas consulting services.

Noble manor

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Deluxe villa community in Henry County, Atlanta Covering an area of more than 65 acres, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient. It’s only 20 minutes’ drive from hazeld Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is warm and warm in spring, sunny in summer, colorful in autumn and clear and cool in winter.

Angel Medical Technology

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It has a first-rate research and development team for medical chemistry, and is in the direction of major disease treatment such as anti-hypertension, anti-tumor, and anti-diabetics.